The purpose of the Microenterprise Collaborative of Inland Southern California is to create and sustain businesses and jobs through microbusiness development.

This will be accomplished through the following strategies:

  • Increase the number and quality of referrals to microbusiness development services.
  • Increase public awareness of microbusiness development.
  • Increase funding to the microbusiness development field.
  • Build the infrastructure of the collaborative.

Action Plans for 2018-19

  1. Launch the Micro-Business Growth Initiative for the Inland Empire by:
    • Creating a concept paper that describes the problem to solve, the impact we envision, and the process for getting there including the investment of platform, development of partnerships and the marketing campaign. The paper would also outline the capacity building needs of small business service providers and microlenders of the region as well as the MicroEnterprise Collaborative’s own plan for growth to support the expansion of services. Completed.
    • Securing support from both San Bernardino and Riverside counties for the Growth Initiative, augmenting existing county resource referral tools and processes and making the case for expanded, not reallocated resources for small business development. Complete by 10/31/18. In process.
    • Determining the feasibility of forming a 501c3 to build the microenterprise collaborative’s capacity to attract funding and grow the field in the region. Make recommendation for 2019-20. In process
    • Securing funding, fiscal sponsor for the Initiative and partnerships to adopt SourceLink’s Resource Navigator tool and market it to small business owners of both counties by June 30, 2019. In process.
  2. Provide at least two public education events, including an event in partnership the bank regulators.  (complete).
  3. Develop mechanisms to support referrals and partnerships among service providers, microlenders and business programs such as regular networking events and a directory.
  4. Secure administrative support to build the capacity of the Collaborative to oversee the Initiative, manage social media and partnership development.

Measurable Objectives

The MECISC will measure its progress in achieving its purpose in 2019 by:

  1. Providing small business development in the region, as evidenced by
    • 9,000 individuals trained
    • 1,000 jobs created
    • 1,900 clients received business development services
    • 250 businesses started
  2. Raising at least $100,000 for nonprofit small business service providers.
  3. Providing micro-lending in the region at the level of $19M