Strategic Plan

The purpose of the Microenterprise Collaborative of Inland Southern California is to create and sustain businesses and jobs through micro business development.

This will be accomplished through the following strategies:

  1. Increase the number and quality of referrals to micro business development services by
    1. holding stakeholder public education events
    2. developing a website directory of business services
    3. holding quarterly meetings
    4. producing an informative e-newsletter.
  2. Increase public awareness of microbusiness development through compelling
    1. website content
    2. public presentations
    3. articles for publication
    4. social media
    5. a business expo that showcases microenterprise development.
  3. Increase funding to the microbusiness development field by
    1. assessing the current funding level and identify gaps,
    2. meeting with funders and advocates and educating them about the need for micro-business development
    3. creating a compelling case statement for support for micro-business development in the region
    4. sharing information on funding opportunities with stakeholders.
  4. Build the infrastructure of the collaborative by
    1. exploring earned income opportunities such as events
    2. writing grant applications
    3. building relationships with key stakeholders that lead to funding opportunities
    4. expanding the steering committee and developing a program committee structure and supportive cadre of volunteers.

Plan of Action

Building on the successful connections and partnerships of 2015, the MECISC plans to further work with financial institutions, Chambers of Commerce, city and county agencies and Community Based Organizations to increase small business development among their customers and constituents.

  • Provide at least three community meetings that focus on ways to support improved microenterprise service delivery and micro-lending by 12/31/16.
  • Develop and facilitate a region-wide foundation or corporate-funded initiative to support expansion of microenterprise development for a specific population, rural community or distressed neighborhood within Inland Southern California region by 12/31/16.
  • Facilitate funding opportunities that raise at least $100,000 for training and technical assistance of micro-business owners by 12/31/16.
  • Promote and assist with small business-focused events throughout the region.
  • Advocate for the expansion of federal, state and local funding for small business service providers and micro-lenders.
  • Raise $100,000 for operations of the Collaborative by 12/31/16.

Measures of Success

The MECISC will measure progress in achieving its purpose by

  1. Increasing funding for small business training and technical assistance by 15% by 6/30/16
  2. Increasing micro-lending in the region by 10% by 6/30/16
  3. Increasing the number of micro-entrepreneurs served by 15% by 6/30/16